Powering the future

With Speira ION – Tailored material solutions for battery systems

Powering the future

With Speira ION – Tailored material solutions for battery systems


Our Speira ION for your battery systems

Holistic material solutions that support your battery design

From mobility and energy supplies to power tools – the future is electric. And modern battery technology demands high-performance materials. At Speira, we have long recognized this trend and made an early start on developing customized aluminium alloys that push battery technology forward.

Today, we are a volume supplier to leading global battery manufactures and offer an extensive product portfolio that covers the entire spectrum from battery electrode foils to cell connectors, heat exchangers, and housing materials.


Safety meets performance​

Speira ION safeguards cells and modules while boosting battery performance​

High-performance batteries must be protected – requiring strong materials that can be formed into complex shapes. Our Speira ION materials for cell and module housings not only combine high safety with lightweight construction – their excellent thermal conductivity also provides improved thermal management and more cooling efficiency to your battery system, enabling increased service life and faster charging performance. As a leading supplier to the largest battery manufacturers in Europe, we know what's important, and are happy to work with you to develop a strong and reliable aluminium solution.​


Long-lasting, lightweight, conductive

Aluminium – a natural talent for battery systems​

Aluminium is a highly versatile material: In addition to its low density, it offers excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, as well as high formability while maintaining good rigidity. Through sophisticated alloy processing and smart production controls, we optimize this range of positive attributes and tune them individually to match the specifications of your products. Plus, our aluminium is sustainable because the material can be recycled an infinite number of times, without sacrificing any of its properties. Good to know: Around 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in circulation.

More sustainable aluminium for the battery market, such as the material we have been producing and continuously been developing further in Europe, can make a significant contribution to meeting future CO₂ emission reduction requirements, while also supporting the circular economy. The inherent versatility of the material combined with our expertise make aluminium a natural choice for battery systems and future mobility.​


Successful together

Creating sustainable solutions​

The increasing complexity in technical products and their even quicker development cycles are challenges best faced as a team. That's why we work with partners from universities, start-ups and industry to find the ideal solution for the specific issue quickly and efficiently. We bring all these expertise together to support your business and to bring your ideas to life.​


We think in life cycles

Integrated Sustainability – that’s our strategy

To protect our planet as best we can, we are pursuing an ambitious sustainability strategy with a strong focus on the CO₂ footprint and transparency of our products and operations.

Battery systems

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